Urban Conversion


It all started when...

Rodman turned 40 and ached for a creative outlet to balance his data driven day job, and I began my journey towards farming by starting a community garden. I still remember the day he proposed the idea of merging our dreams together - his being film and mine being farming - to educate people on relevant topics facing our world.

At the time, I was just getting started as a beekeeper and was planning to populate a hive in my densely populated HOA neighborhood. There were challenges with the neighbors but I was navigating them fairly well. Rodman had started exploring film and thought it would be valuable if we shared what we were learning and doing (on a small scale) to positively influence global issues affecting our world.  "Could we do more if we shared with millions of people vs. a small handful of close friends?",  he asked.  Being the introverted non-television watching person that I am, being in front of a camera and on television was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. But Rodman persisted, and humoring him, I agreed to cooperate and be part of a sizzle, which is a film production term used for a 3-minute short video created to propose a new show concept.  He filmed me working in the community garden and on my beekeeping adventures.  The most memorable experience for him was tagging along with a seasoned beekeeper on a swarm call.  Arriving at the home where a swarm of bees was settling into a roof, he learned that the homeowners sprayed the honeybees killing most of them. The beekeeper educated the homeowners and Rodman, on the importance of honeybees.  How they are vital to our environment and our food supply. He shared how bees were dying from colony collapsed disorder, and encouraged the homeowners to protect our honeybee population in the future.  It was at that moment that Rodman was convinced on the need to educate the masses through creating a docu-series television show.

We sent our sizzle to American Public Television and hoped for the best.  They told us if 25 local PBS stations (out of 330) voted yes to air us, then they would syndicate our show.  To our surprise 225 stations voted yes, and ever since Urban Conversion has been airing nationally on PBS and Create TV.  We are now excited to begin producing our 3rd and very best season yet, which will expand on our dream to share our journey to create a more beautiful and healthy world.  To learn more about Urban Conversion, please visit our website, watch us on Create TV, buy our show on Amazon, and talk with us on social media. We'd love to hear your stories and build a community. 

Here's to growing with you,