Lavender & Cut Flowers

I offer old fashioned flowers grown the old fashion way. My collection of lavender and cut flowers are carefully curated, seasonal, and harvested by hand. 

My lavender varieties include cultivars for culinary, distillation, crafts, and floral.  And my cut flowers range from classic farm faire like zinnia's and cosmos, to exquisite varieties of dahlias, sweet peas, Garden Roses, peonies, and uncommon grains of wheat, amaranth, and millet. All of my flowers, herbs, and grains are grown seasonally in our field, cultivated by hand, and harvested at the perfect time.  For the 2019 season, I will be selling my flowers in the following three ways.


Flower CSA

Pick up a weekly market bouquet of seasonal blooms for your home. I believe vases should always be full, windows open, and tables set.  


I am expanding my offering this year to include three CSA’s:

Spring CSA - 6 Weeks of Color in April & May. $120. Think tulip and narcissus season.

Summer CSA - 6 Weeks of Color in June & July. $150. Think lavender, ranunculus, poppies, and sweet pea season.

Fall CSA - 6 Weeks of Color in August & September. $165. Think zinnias, dahlias, snapdragons, and sunflower season.


Buckets of Blooms

For the makers out there. If you are a DIY bride, business owner, event planner, or anyone hosting a gathering, we offer buckets of blooms for you to engage in the artistic work of flower arranging. 

Price varies depending on the amount of blooms needed but typically start at $100/bucket. Please inquire to learn more.

Two Options to choose from:

Growers Choice - A selection of my favorites that are in bloom.

Color Themed Bucket - Pick a color and I’ll arrange a nice selection in the color palette of your choice.



For florists and retailers looking for sustainably grown and seasonal flowers. We sell to businesses that hold a valid Sales Tax License. Pick up at the farm is preferred but will deliver to a 30 mile radius of the farm for an additional fee.

Please put your name our distribution list if you'd like to be notified when flowers are available, and inquire to be set up as a wholesale account.