Buckets of Blooms

Are you getting married and want farm fresh flowers? Or perhaps you own a restaurant and want unique centerpieces on each of your table tops, or are hosting a graduation party. Buying buckets of blooms allows you to get a large assortment of unique seasonal blooms that you can split and arrange into multiple vases, or create a centerpiece that demands attention!

Buy one or multiple buckets, depending on the size of your event. These are available for pick-up at the farm, and will include an assortment of flowers.  Each bucket contains approximately 70 stems and will fill 5-8 jars.

Availability is approximately from June through September. $100 per bucket

You can request either a Growers Choice, where I pick the best of what’s blooming. Or a Color Theme Bucket, where you tell me the color and I’ll mix the bucket with that color palette in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have flowers available this season (2018)?

Yes! I know we just purchased the farm, and we are in the midst of major home and barn renovation, but our fields were calling to be cultivated this spring so we planted one field of flowers and they are starting to bloom.    We will be offering limited buckets this year but if you are in need of fresh, local, sustainable blooms this August and September you are in luck.

How much are they?

On average, $100 per bucket but please inquire for a quote. The number of buckets depends on the size of your wedding but four to five buckets seems to be a magical number.

How do I order?

Click on the above inquiry button and tell us about your event. We will then confirm availability for your date. Once confirmed, we ask for a down payment of 50% of your order. The balance will be due upon receipt of your flowers.

How many stems come in a bucket?

The number of stems vary and will depend on what varieties are in bloom at that time. 

How many arrangements can be made with each bucket?

It depends on your vases and the types of flowers going into them but you could do 5-7 quart sized mason jars depending on how full you style them.

Can I request specific colors?

Our special pricing for buckets of blooms is for mixed colors only. Sorry, with the small scale of our farm and being our first season at our new property we can not promise anything specific.  You are welcome to make a request (for example, anything purple or no reds, etc) and we will do our best. 

Can I request specific flowers in my buckets?

If you have a favorite, please tell us and we will do our best to accommodate you, but our bulk flowers are purely seasonal and reflect what is in bloom at that time. .

How long will the flowers last?

Most will last for 5-7 days if cared for properly.  In water, out of direct light, and away from food.

Do the flowers need to be refrigerated?

Flowers love to be cool so refrigeration is recommended, but not required.  If you don't have a large cooler, a basement works well or anyplace out of direct sunlight.

When can I pick up my bulk flowers?

With advanced notice, we can accommodate your schedule.  If you are arranging for a wedding, we recommend giving yourself a few days. Flowers do need to be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle and should never be transported in the back of a pick-up truck. If you need delivery, that can be arranged with at least two-weeks notice. Delivery fees vary depending on the distance. 

Should I bring my own buckets?

No, they are included.