Since my childhood, gardens have called to me.



My life started with a tragic loss, when my mother Barbara Nowak Costanzo was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the young age of thirty one and died when I was only two years old. Cancer took her life, and rocked my family's to the core.  In reading my mothers journals, she wrote that she could see the grief in her husbands eyes, and felt such pain in knowing she wouldn't be here to raise her five year old son, and two year old daughter.  But before she died she planned accordingly—-she planted a garden.  Collectively with several neighbors, she tilled up a half acre of land and started a garden. That neighborhood garden silently spoke to me throughout my childhood, and into my adult years.  My mother was the type of person that also made food to freeze for her own wake. My brother was by her side when she made pigs-in-the-blankets and she told him when he ate them she would be in heaven. I was too young to remember any goodbye's she had with me, but I have a feeling she would have consoled me by reassuring me she'd be with me in the garden. 

Her garden, and many others in my life, have called to me through the seasons. They have taught me valuable lessons about life, death, and everything in between.  They called to me as a child, they call to me in my sleep, when I'm driving down the road, or when I'm building a compost pile on a really rainy day.   They force me to contemplate my own individuality--my beauty, my strengths, as well as my own mortality.  I don't know what type of seeds she planted in the garden before she died, but they continue to produce fruit from the heavens even if its only in the ethereal world. 

Now as an adult, my love for gardening has called me to explore the world of farming.  Its a giant risk but one that has been calling me for over a decade.  And my husband... bless him for pushing me to follow my dreams and let go of the the fear of failure.   I wouldn't be doing this without his steadfast encouragement. Please join me as I take this leap of faith. May my trials be shared with courage and my successes with humility, helping you cultivate the life, and garden of your dreams. 

Walking in the World,